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    Winter Vacation

    Winter Break starts in mid-January. Thinking about how to spend your vacation: It’s nice to spend the holiday season at home, visiting with family members and enjoying the low-key end to the year. But what if you want to stay in Shanghai? Winter in Shanghai is generally not too cold. With 1-month off of school, it’s possible to swing a visit to get out of Shanghai to explore the surrounding area. In case you want to improve your Chinese, Winter Chinese Program would be a good choice.


    Spring Festival

    The week of Feb. 4th is the national holiday for the Chinese to celebrate the commencement of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. Everyone is surrounded by a festive atmosphere to welcome the Spring Festival.

    Enrollment week of new semester starts from Feb. 25th. Students are expected to enroll on time in accordance with the Admission Notice (new students) or ICES's notice (old students).


    Class Begins

    Mar 4th is the first day of class. Everyone should attend class and keep studying hard.

    Beyond that, various international student clubs and associations start recruiting new members. The International Student Association welcomes you on campus, settles you, entertains you, supports you and makes sure you have an amazing time while studying here in Shanghai. You can follow us on Wechat (dhu-ices) to get first-hand information.


    Spring is Coming

    Spring has finally sprung in Shanghai! It is time to shed your winter coat and enjoy the Shanghai spring sun with city walks, cycling, outdoor activities, day trips and more. The entire city is blooming beautifully at this time of the year. You are recommended to join the language excursions organized by ICES. It’s a good opportunity to hang out with classmates and practice your Chinese!


    Sports Month

    Don’t forget to have fun! Feel the burn for free at the 16th "Tenglong Cup" International Student Sports Day. Meanwhile, DHU's Spring Sports Event may be held as well. Staying open to experiences with various kinds of events, like Tug-of-War, Rope Skipping, 10 Persons 11 Legs and so on, you may discover a hidden talent and make some incredible new friends. Let's sweat it out outside!


    Graduation Season

    In June, around the Dragon Boat Festival, comes the 12th "International Students' Dragon Boat Race of Universities in Shanghai". Are we going to win the First Prize this year?
    Many students will leave DHU in this month and fly to all corners of the world to start a new chapter of life. It is a great step toward your future success. On behalf of the entire Donghua community, we offer a heartfelt “Well done”. We look forward to seeing you back any time in the future!


    Summer Holiday

    The summer vacation begins in mid-July and ends at the end of August. Streets in the city start steaming with more and more heat, but our Summer Chinese Programs could be a good place to cool you down.

    We can ensure that you will have a wonderful time during this immersion course and create an unforgettable experience. If you plan to travel somewhere, go with your friend(s). Do pay attention to the traffic safety, food hygiene, and remember to keep in touch with ICES.


    Summer‘s Tail

    Summer holiday is ending and the fall semester is about to start. We believe you are ready for the new beginning! New students shall carry the corresponding study visa (X1/X2) or Residence Permit to enroll. Those who have reserved the dormitory shall make sure the reservation is successful. If the dormitory is not available, you need to rent an apartment outside.


    New Beginning

    Welcome to Donghua University, new students from all over the world! The enrollment week of the fall semester starts from Sep. 2nd. Please be sure to bring all the documents required and get yourself enrolled on time. Classes officially start from Sep. 9th. Apart from the studies, don’t forget to sign up for all kinds of international student organizations and clubs, as well as Freshmen Welcome Party – a super chance to meet new friends!


    Culture Festival

    The 8th "International Cultural Festival" is held in October, it is a small “World Expo” on campus. As a major event of ICES held in turn with the "Chinese Cultural Festival", it is a great opportunity for everyone to experience the world cultural diversities. Don't Miss This Event!

    Scenery in autumn is extraordinary. If you are an enthusiastic autumn leaf peeper, you won’t be disappointed! Welcome to participate our language excursions before it gets too freezing. Let’s record the beautiful travelling moments.


    Keep Warm

    As the weather turns cold, our study life is still in full swing.

    The 7th "Orienteering Challenge Competition" is waiting for your participation. It is an exciting race for students to find designated spots on the map with compass. Let’s run with joy! The 11th "China Hand" Knowledge Contest is also going through the preliminary round in October and enter the final in November. Who will be awarded as the Mr. or Ms. China Hand this year?


    End of the Year

    Looking back the year of 2019, what New Year's resolution you’ve achieved - and how did you manage it? New Year Party will be held at the end of December, faculties and students will enjoy a happy get-together and celebrate the arrival of Year 2020. Winter vacation will start from the middle of January. Let’s make wishes for the New Year and start a brand new journey! Happy Holidays!

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