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  • Exchange - C.E.P

    • Donghua University offers C.E.P -- course platform for exchange program -- for incoming exchange students to select courses and acquire credits accordingly.
    • Incoming exchange students are those from the partner universities that have signed institutional level's Student Exchange Agreements with Donghua University. The regular study period is one semester or one academic year. All the students should first be nominated by the international office or department of their home institutions, and then can make the application.
    • C.E.P opens ONLY to the incoming exchange students under the Agreement. Currently those courses belong to five main categories: language, culture, design, business (economics and management), and engineering. The medium of instruction is English (except Chinese language program).

    Information for Incoming Exchange Students

    Including the course list, course description, application form, and fact sheet (semester period and key time, course selection guide, application guide, insurance, accommodation, etc.)

  • C.E.P Faculties

    安 森

    Anselm A.M. Vermeulen

    BUS4001-EN:Logistics in China


    Zhang, Kejing

    BUS3002-EN:Management Information System


    Jerry Pang

    BUS2007-EN:Business Practice in China: Intercultural Business Communication

    鲁 洲

    Clarke Lu

    CUL2005-CN: Survey of China


    Farrah Gao

    CUL2001-EN:General Outline of China; Chinese Culture

    陈 磊

    Chen, Lei

    ENG2005-EN:Strategic Management in Eastern Countries

    黄 晨

    Huang, Chen

    ENG3002-EN:Nonwoven Technology


    Yoyo Yang

    LAN20001:Coordinator of General Chinese (Program A)

    沈 滨

    Jerry Shen

    BUS2004-EN:Fashion Supply Chain Management

  • Summer Programs

    Shanghai Summer School - Chinese Traditional Costume Program (3S-CTCP)

    • Each June to July, 4 weeks, candidates are enrolled students from partner universities and should be majored in fashion or textile design;
    • Based on partner universities' nomination, one candidate will receive financial aid; other self-funded students will enjoy partial fee's waiver;
    • More details, please visit: http://dhumandarin.ices.cn/fashion

    Summer Chinese Program (SCP)

    • Each July to August, 4~6 weeks;
    • Based on partner universities' nomination, two candidate will receive International Exchange Scholarship; other self-funded students will enjoy partial fee's waiver;
    • More details, please visit: Vacation Chinese Programs
  • Postgraduate Study at DHU

    Dozens of postgraduate programs, taught in Chinese or English, many scholarships opportunities. etc.

    Find more here: Postgraduate Programs

    Postgraduate Programs offered by DHU
  • Study Abroad in Groups

    Help the study abroad groups organized by partner universities facilitate their experiences in Shanghai !

    Please refer to Groups for more cases.

    • Host partner universities' study abroad groups;
    • Tailor the contents together and facilitate implementation;
    • Assist to arrange on-campus studies, activities or accommodation.

  • A Semester/Year's Visiting Study

    What to Learn?

    Acquire knowledge and credits, enrich your study abroad experience!

    • Chinese Language: comprehensive and systematic language study to improve the proficiencies step by step.
    • Specialty Courses: selected courses taught in English/Chinese from dozens of undergraduate programs.


    Financial Support

    Make good use of the financial support to fulfill your study abroad plan!

    • CSC Scholarships: students themselves apply Chinese Government Scholarships and learn at DHU as general scholar.
    • Self-funded studies and discounts: the currently-enrolled students of the partner universities will enjoy full application fee waiver and enjoy 10% tuition fee off.
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